& Fulfillment

End-to-end logistics from processing to warehousing and fulfillment through our various facilities.

PAK Technologies operates a 105,000 sq. ft. SQF certified Food Warehousing and Distribution Center located near the Food Plant, equipped with multiple receiving and outgoing docks, environmental controls, and a high-capacity pallet storage system, providing efficient handling and storage for incoming materials and outgoing order shipments.

Our Warehouses and Fulfillment

Our 105,000 sf. SQF certified food warehousing and distribution center is within one mile of the food plant operation. The warehouse maintains three (3) separate receiving docks and two (2) separate outgoing shipments docks along with 4 interior docks at a mezzanine area which is separated for product fulfillment services. The facility has full environmental controls with operating temperatures in the 60F to 75F range.

The facility boasts a state of the art narrow aisle pallet storage system with pallet capacities in excess of 4200 pallets. There are staging areas for incoming materials prior to QC inspection and outgoing fulfilled order shipments prior to loading.

Having a state-of-the-art food warehousing and distribution center like PAK Technologies offers significant advantages for your business. It enables efficient management of inventory, ensuring timely delivery of products and reducing the risk of stockouts. With separate docks, environmental controls, and a modern pallet storage system, your business can enhance operational effectiveness, maintain product quality, and meet customer demands effectively.

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