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PAK is centered around blending and packaging, however we have capabilities in a number of related activities to provide the opportunity to make things easier for you. These include our own distribution services, our warehousing facilities, and our international program.

Food and Nutritionals

PAK takes pride in blending and packaging the finest quality food products to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our foods production facility has capabilities to blend liquid and dry products for packages ranging from two ounce fills to bulk tankers.

Whether your needs require a corporate brand, private label package, or custom formulated multi-purpose products, you can depend on PAK to complete the orders.

Specialty Products

The main Specialty Chemical production facility is located on the northwest side of Milwaukee, WI. It is centrally located and equidistant from Interstate 41/45 to the west and Interstate 43 from the east. The 160,000 sq ft. plant is situated on a 14.0 acre parcel with ample room for secure truck access serving 3 incoming and 4 outgoing docks and 2 overhead doors. The plant also incorporates bulk loading / unloading of ingredients and finished products (liquid) by pneumatic truck or railcar. The plant has two (2) interior tank truck loading bays and has the accommodations, on a private rail spur, for six (6) full size railcars.

On site there are approximately 4000 sq ft. of plant production offices and 2500 sq ft. of technical service areas to include a full QA/QC and formulation control laboratory. The Corporate administration offices are located one mile north in a 90,000 sq ft. building that also houses PAK’s food grade processing / packaging operations.

A third PAK production facility in Milwaukee accommodates various Ice Control products with additional capacity for dry processing / packaging. The production facility and bulk holding areas are supported by an additional 150,000 sq ft. of attached Warehousing capacity along with a recent 2020 addition 170,000 sq ft. of Warehousing in a separate but adjacent building.

The fourth PAK production facility in Milwaukee currently accommodates various Warehousing, Fulfillment and Logistics operations. Development plans are in process to convert the 110,000 sq ft. facility to accommodate and expand current manufacturing operations relating to all regulated products serving the Personal Care and Healthcare markets.

PAK’s has two East Coast production facilities. One is located on the outskirts of Boston, MA. in the city of Ayer, MA. The 60,000 sq ft. facility has been designed and outfitted with systems to accommodate reactive blending of liquid polymers. The 5000 gallon blends are processed and pumped to bulk tank trucks for dedicated delivery to customers in the Northeast. Other custom Specialty Chemical processing / packaging is available. The second facility is located in Syracuse , NY. and was just purchased in May of 2020. It is a 205,000 sq ft. building that has dedicated processing areas to support a 60 MM lb. effort of blending a polymer that is shipped by tank truck 4 miles away. There is a significant portion of the plant for future expansion for blending and packaging for east coast demands.

Bulk Commodities

At PAK, we specialize in transforming bulk commodities into consumer-ready products. Our state-of-the-art facilities are strategically designed for efficient intake of raw materials, like rock salt, via rail, ensuring a seamless transition from large-scale procurement to detailed processing. Utilizing advanced technology, we meticulously repackage these commodities into various end-product sizes, for a wide range of applications. Our commitment to precision and quality control ensures that each product, from industrial-grade to household items, meets the highest standards of excellence, ready for distribution to our diverse clientele.

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