Good Hope Production Facility

Main Specialty Chemical Facility

The 160,000 sf. building accommodates approximately 38,000 sq. ft. of dedicated and specialized processing / packaging areas with over 120,000 sf. of racked warehousing for incoming materials and finished products. Included are bulk liquid storage areas to stage blends for shipment and store materials unloaded from railcars and tank trucks. There are also 2 interior truck bays for tank truck loading/unloading.

In addition to the significant interior storage tank capacity, there are above ground, diked exterior liquid storage silos as well as underground storage tanks for flammable alcohol materials. The entire facility is environmentally controlled and protected by a certified fire sprinkler system. There is also a segregated, protected area for the storage of aerosols products. All areas have designed HVAC systems which are specific to the liquid or dry blending / packaging / storage operations. A quality certified reverse osmosis water filtration system supplies the custom blending tanks throughout the facility.

Licenses and Certifications

The Specialty Chemical operation and facility is certified to safely produce a variety of chemical products under strict guidelines incorporating cGMP’s and a HACCP driven Quality system. The plant is validated for the production of EPA registered, FDA certified and NSF Certified products along with products that require Kosher certification. The plants are ISO 9001/14001 certifiable.

Capabilities and Capacities

Each of the several processing / packaging areas are organized with adjacent mezzanine levels to allow for gravity discharge of ingredients and to maintain the automated controls for pumping, mixing and adding ingredients to the blending vessels. Each of the areas also utilizes the required systems for dust collection, magnets, metal detection, screening and filtering to insure product performance and specifications.

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