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PAK Technologies, Inc. has evolved under the guidance and vision of the owner and Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Schuele. In 1980, from the basement of a building located on Milwaukee’s north side, Kevin started selling cleaners and restoration chemicals to car lots in the area. As business increased, the focus changed to private label blending and packaging. The company was named Chempak, and among Kevin’s first customers was Brookfield Chemical who remains a customer today.

In 1982, having outgrown his location, Kevin moved to 35th & Fairmount. With Chempak business growing, Kevin made a decision to diversify and expand. He acquired BioPak, Inc., located at 2730 N. Humboldt. BioPak, which was renamed Custom Foods Group, is a food grade processing plant which also provides for private label manufacturers. In 1997, another location was purchased at 3720 N. Fratney to accommodate production for a national, worldwide consumer brand. Not only did the company expand globally, but locally as well, when still another facility at 2727 West Silver Spring Drive was added as the Milwaukee Distribution Center handling warehouse and distribution functions. This facility also did bulk bagging and drumming operations, with the capability of trucking and overseas containers at one site. Shortly thereafter, the facility at 2730 West Silver Spring Drive replaced the N. Humboldt location for food processing and served as the new corporate headquarters for Pak Technologies, Inc until January 2010.The Custom Foods Group was also located at this site.

In 2006 PAK began operations in a new chemical blending and packaging facility located at 8000 W. Good Hope Road ultimately replacing operations at 2727 W. Silver Spring and the North Fratney locations. In 2008 Kevin recognized an opportunity to expand our business in the consumer ice melt markets and PAK began processing, blending and packaging these products from another new facility at 3600 N. 35th Street. With business growing, Kevin realized the need to expand in order to meet the needs of our foods customers as well as update our processes.

Our current facility at 7025 W. Marcia Road was purchased, and subsequently occupied in January 2010. This facility now serves as our Corporate Headquarters as well as our food processing facility.

Many things have changed since 1980; however, one focus has never changed. Kevin believes that change and success are words that should be prevalent in all the business and future plans for his companies. His motto is “Invest in Quality – it’s our way to the future”.