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Given a culture at Pak that demands a superior level of customer service, such an effort requires, from time to time, a high personal commitment from our employees. Pak recognizes that we need to do our part in maintaining balance in our employees lives and also providing whatever services we can to make everyone’s life a little easier while working here.

We offer 'perks' to our employees that include both traditional benefits and also some creative benefits. We also ensure that everything we provide is available equally to our direct line workers on up to our executive managers. These free extras include :

  • An on-site café with assorted coffees, soft drinks and juices
  • Quarterly profitability bonuses
  • One time merit bonuses
  • Periodic tickets to all major Wisconsin sporting events
  • An on-site commercial grade fitness center
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Zoo passes
  • Regular company sponsored social and family outings
  • Participation in community improvement and charitable events

We are boundless in our pursuit to make the working experience at Pak one that also is rewarding and fulfilling. We realize compensation is not the whole equation in accomplishing this. We believe by adding the above to the working experience it demonstrates we also know and care about our people.